Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sweet 16...overseen by the Pope

Last night, it was a real pleasure to draw for a nice group of young ladies at a Buca de Beppo restaurant..and the Pope (actually, the PREVIOUS Pope, now) oversaw every pen stroke! 
We were seated in the "Pope room", it was Donna's sweet 16 and as the birthday girl, she received a full-body color caricature, while her friends got the same in b/w. When I took the above photo, I had to stand on a chair to get everybody in--- and bleah...the chandelier is blocking Donna herself. :-(

This party had a couple of differences to my usual method of working...first, most caricaturists have a two-hour minimum for events, but we'll bend that rule if a gig is close to home, as this one was. So I took an hour to draw the girls and a couple (actually a triple!) of relatives (you'll see THEM below
:-) Second, the client was foresighted enough to advise me beforehand that space was at a premium in the Pope room, so instead of my usual French easel set-up, I brought a big clipboard and worked directly at the table with the girls. 
After finishing up the girls, I turned my attention to this sweet expectant couple:
Happy birthday, Donna, and thanks for having me through Gigmasters! Glad you were surprised!

And somewhere we know there is a sculptor frantically working on a bust of the new Pope Francis specifically for this restaurant chain. ;-)

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