Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fourth graders end-of-year party

On Friday afternoon, I got to draw a whole classroom-full of cheerful fourth-graders. It was made possible by their two awesome homeroom moms, who invited me to come---both to do something nice for the kids AND their teacher, who was finishing up his first year in the classroom.
I had quite a rapt audience AND they asked good questions!
Here is the teacher's caricature in progress:
Even the teacher across the hall came over to get one!
Had to laugh at the custodian's closet that I passed on the way into the school:
This gig was special because one of the homeroom moms is a friend of mine from high school days, and she took the great photos above. Thank you Connie!
Another little bit of backstory: After being asked some time ago about my availability on this date, I didn't hear anything more about it...til two days ago, that it was a "Yes!" When I got the call, I was in Baltimore doing an O's game, with plans to meet my Other Half in Atlantic City that night for a short break. The timing worked out nicely, so that I was able to draw the kids on the way home from the beach! Luckily, I had my easel and an "emergency gig kit" (my own paper and supplies) in the car.

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