Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Big Top Caricaturists

Yesterday found me at my annual "most artists at one event" grad gig that I do every year...this time there were TWELVE altogether.
Three of those, Patrick Harrington, John Sprague and I, carpooled eastward, accompanied by loud strains of Queen most of the way. When we got there, the tent was empty for the time being, but wouldn't be for long:
My stuff got plunked down in the middle next to Pat:
Soon the crowd swelled to epic proportions, as usual!
The next two photos were taken on my one (necessary ;-) break midway through:
First, my end of the tent:
Then the other end:
Yes, went a little batty with my fisheye iPhone camera lens. Seemed an opportune day to use it!
My drawings were received quite happily:

Pat was up to his usual insanity:
So was John:

Also, some other artists were present whom I don't get to see too often:
and Adelle Marcero and Debbie Schafer. 
Below: This is called dishing it out and taking it too, a la Fisheye.
Seems like we survived the trip!
Tomorrow, I will string all my little Vine Clips together and post 'em here.
Fun fun fun!!!

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