Monday, June 24, 2013

Grad party for sisters!

On Sunday afternoon, a backyard graduation party came my way, through Gigmasters:
The first up were the two graduates, beautiful twin sisters who'd been caricatured before---many times--but more on that later. :-)
Here is my drawing of them, and their reaction!
Then came family and friends in BW: 
 There were quite a few large craniums in this family! (filled with knowledge, as I later overheard some of this boy's conversation with his relatives ;-)
 After I happened to mention to the mom of this bouncing baby boy, that MY son's head was on the large side as a baby too (come to think of it, still is), I told her about my recent experience of caricaturists' brains being MRI'ed in the name of science...she knew of the previous study on jazz musicians, had heard about it on NPR!
 No big skull here, this guy's huge-osity was on the lower end of his face!
 Lady cousins with contrasting hairstyles. I love contrast.
 This little sweetie was fidgety---until both her parents started singing the Fly Eagles Fly song!!!
It was adorable!
Then I drew her parents with my usual pregnancy schtick. ;-) Always gets a laugh!

Thank you for having me, Katie and Kelly and family! :-)

Update 6-28-13: got some wonderful feedback, thank you!

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