Sunday, June 9, 2013

Company picnic...held under roaring fly-pasts of vintage planes!

Saturday's first event for me was a company picnic, which stood out for three reasons:
#1. An airshow was going on just over the adjacent highway, and we got to see some of it!
Above: That's a B-29 bomber.
Below: a P-51, like those used by the Tuskegee airmen
How do I know what planes those were? This fellow told me, which brings me to #2:
He and his wife are avid in bicycle, and were as fun to talk to as to draw.
Did some triples:
On the left, my client who booked me for the picnic, and his family; on the right, the guy who made my freckle pen go dry ;-) and his kids.
Three beefy guys who all got the black t-shirt memo:
Some fun couples:
And a pretty young lady:
What's #3, you ask? Well the company whose picnic it was, services commercial copy machines. So no one was asking, "Who gets to keep it??" on multi-person drawings!!! :-)
Thanks for having me through Gigsalad!!

Update 6/10/13: Got some nice feedback from the client--
We had Emily as entertainment for our company picnic. She was a huge hit. Her caricatures were spot on! I would definitely recommend her for any event!

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