Friday, June 14, 2013

Baseball BFFs

Every O's game has its own vibe, and at this one, I seemed to get a lot of BFFs in my chair:
 It was her 39th birthday on the left. Told her to enjoy it, as she'll be 39 every year hereafter!
 It was her first MLB game on the left, told her to enjoy it too! ;-)
These two wanted to be sure their shirts were shown, I told them I loved Dr. Suess too!
Now for some non-BFFs:
"Can you make it be baseball and Harry Potter?"
"I've always wanted one of these, make me look good!"

Finally, at the very end, this guy came up and made conversation as we were collapsing our easels. He told us it had taken twenty-seven years of attending Orioles games to be made the Official Fan of the Game. He'd have made quite a good caricature subject too!!!

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