Saturday, August 27, 2011

23 MILLION people affected by Hurricane Irene

I'm hopeful that the advance warning for the entire US eastern seaboard will save lives, if not property...

...and for the less critical matters in life, Hurricane Irene forced the cancellation of lots of fun things scheduled for this weekend! I had a summer's-end gig at a community pool that was cancelled. And this party-style gift caricature would have been on its way to a wedding celebration in North Carolina, but now it will have to wait. I feel bad for all the brides and vacationers who have long looked forward to this weekend, but it's better to be safe!
The client said that this couple are serious sunglasses aficionados. I almost felt like I was cheating by not having to draw eyes, but then decided to really go for the tones in her sunglasses. Congratulations, Pancho and Erin!

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