Monday, August 8, 2011

Waterfront caricaturing--for an anniversary party

On Saturday evening, I found myself set up to draw in this lovely place on the Delaware River:

The occasion was a 15th anniversary party for a kids' dental practice, and it seemed much more like a family event than a company one! Just like the view, the table settings were absolutely stunning, with a purple and lime theme. Even the guests were all formally attired in black and purple--so of course, my caricature backgrounds reflected the purple/green vibe.
Here goes with some of the caricatures:
This gentleman was first drawn with his wife, (whom I told could pass for a young Jamie Leigh Curtis) and then he wanted another one with his drink!
Here's a little bit of this party's ambiance--complete with LED ice cubes!!

Thanks for having me, and here's to your next fifteen years! :-)

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