Sunday, August 21, 2011

Be-boppin' block party

Yesterday, I was part of a block party that also doubled as a birthday party---it had everything from two bounce houses to pony rides to a balcony-sitting DJ to a petting zoo to face-painting clowns to a caricaturist (me) to, finally, a juggling magician who was quite amazing and funny....
The petting zoo was across the street.
The animals made house calls, too!
Now for some caricatures:

After my drawing time was over (the client extended it by an hour! :-) I was able to enjoy the next entertainer. The Juggling Magician really had a rapport with the crowd, and told them when asked the inevitable question, "how did you learn how to do this?", that it was practice and determination! Both qualities are needed to be a good caricaturist, too! Check out my video of him in action:

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