Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An exquisitely beautiful woman is tough to caricature...

especially this one:
Motivation to even attempt Vivien Leigh came from seeing this blog post about her and her then-husband, Laurence Olivier, being caricatured backstage by a prominent cartoonist of the day, Oscar Berger: (whom I had never heard of)

I liked the one he did of Sir Laurence, but found the one of Viven to be lackluster, especially in the eyes and eyebrows, features which I consider to be her most important and expressive. However, if I were sitting in front of her trying to catch her essence in five minutes and a few lines, I think I'd be dumbstruck too!
My little Markette doodle took about fifteen minutes and I am not totally happy with it, but enjoyed doing her eyebrows with their distinctive asymmetrical arch...I'd like to do one of her and Clark Gable now from GWTW.

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