Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy folks at a 20th anniversary party

On Sunday evening, my easel and I found ourselves in a rain-washed country club, along with a lady harpist, to help celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary of a much-loved couple...
 I told her how nice it was to hear her artistry (instead of the umpteenth repetiton of 'cha cha real smooth' ad infinitum). Here is a link to her website: Ruth Hunter
The party guests, who spanned quite a few different age groups, were really receptive to caricature (you'll see in my blog post tomorrow, as I video-ed a few reactions):

And last but not least, the anniversary couple (and their daughter), done in color:
Thank you for having me, Deborah and Landon! And congratulations on your twenty-year marriage plus 35-day courtship!!! You know a good thing when you see one. :-)

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