Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can you spot the difference?

This little one's birthday was this past weekend:
A family member ordered a party-style caricature from a photo through my website, and little Hannah Sophia's name was spelled correctly in her email...but this artist DIDN'T get it right on the marker/artstix version. I shipped it out---sans H!  I think maybe the phone rang or something when I was doing her name, or some such excuse ;-)
Anyway, luckily, she didn't live terribly far away, so I combined a nice dinner with my other half in a town near my client, with a quick visit to fix my mistake, by re-styling the letters and fitting that H in there! Happy 1st, HannaH Sofia!


  1. Thanks Lou! I enjoy the challenge of fixing things like that. More often it happens in live caricature situations when I can't hear names over the music..