Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sweet 16 during "Irene"

Last night, just as the outer bands of Hurricane Irene were arriving in my area, I ventured out to do a Sweet 16 party... in my own town! What are the chances of that circumstance--doing a gig three miles from home during a nasty storm?! (I'd been booked for it for awhile, too.) The client and I were both happy about that piece of luck!
The birthday girl wanted the family Labradoodle included. So they ended up in matching tutus...
Everybody got a BW body-with-theme caricature---some examples: as Snooki, as Hermione, and taming a unicorn (which was a new one to me!). I also did a group caricature of all the girls and managed to fit ten faces on an 11 x 14 paper.
Then I did a family caricature: (dog too!)
Happy birthday, Brooke!

After enjoying a slice of cake, I left for my short trek home---and by then, there were no cars on the road, the rain was pelting and the winds were picking up. One large branch was almost blocking my way at one point, blocked by orange cones, but my smaller car got around it easily. At home, I had exactly an hour to enjoy electricity, before it conked out for about sixteen hours!

Obviously, it's been turned back on, or you wouldn't be seeing this blog post. :-) Before it was, I actually drew in a sketchbook, while listening to the song of nearby chainsaws.

Hope everyone fared well through it--Goodnight Irene!

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  1. Emily, always a fan of your work and enjoy your posts.
    Cheers Mike Newsome

    P.S. Glad your safe.