Friday, August 19, 2011

People-watching doodles

Right now, I am readying my caricature kit-and-kaboodle for this weekend's gigs, and just found these doodles from last Saturday's rain delays...
Yes, the man on the left is wearing a kilt, accessorized with Keds. He had a bowtie too, but wasn't facing me enough to get that in.  The other two guys had interesting stances. I used my Copic multiliner pen for these, in live caricature it's good for eyelashes, thin eyebrow hairs, and stubble.

As long as I have a pen or pencil and paper, if there's people around to draw, I'm never bored...(actually, my other boredom-killer is playing Tetris on my phone. Which is another subject unto itself :-)

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