Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two happy client feedbacks...and caricature copying info.

I recently received this sweet, handmade thank you card from one of my clients--she'd asked my permission before reproducing my caricature on all her cards---:-) AND she included my website info on the back!
Emily, Now that's what I call a tea party! I was absolutely thrilled with how well everything went. I received so many compliments on your caricatures and your ability to make everyone feel comfortable while you were drawing. You made it fun! I do hope I have an opportunity to attend (or host) another event where you are plying your trade. Fifty and fabulous, Stephanie

Thank YOU, Stephanie! Your party was one of the highlights of my summer. :-)

I do want to mention here on my blog that any party caricatures I do can definitely be reproduced for personal use---that means thank you cards, party favors, Facebook avatars, or just extra copies for family and friends to enjoy. 
However, I don't wish them to be used for business purposes---as the artist always holds the copyright, (even though the subject may own the physical drawing) any profit-making use of the art means the artist should get a portion of that, therefore I recommend studio commissions for those interested in caricatures for their business. It's kind of a murky subject---and one that has to operate on the honor system with live stuff, as it's not likely I would ever find out. But it does happen occasionally. I remember a story from a colleague (can't remember who, unfortunately) who was occasionally asked by live sitters (who just happened to be real estate agents) to include a house with a "For Sale" sign in the background. He'd draw a dilapidated money-pit with a shoddy sign! :-D

Here's one more happy client feedback:
What an amazing talent, Emily wowed my guests with her quick work, and captured the fun of the evening with her drawings, I would absolutely reccomend her for your next event! My guest's are still raving!! THANK YOU Emily!!!! Leslie

Thank YOU Leslie! I had just as much fun as your guests did!

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