Friday, June 6, 2014

2014 Senior send-off!

Every year, a whole bunch of caricaturists converge on this high school, which throws its seniors a big party on its grounds. This year, there were eight, under four tents:
Instead of standing behind us, where they could see the artwork being created, the students formed lines in front of us so that they remained in the shade of the tent:
But all that body heat under each plastic tarp made for some impressive sweating (both students AND artists!) My calamine lotion slid right off, which made my poison ivy rash a constant presence in my mind as I was drawing! And my friend Patrick, who was to my left, let loose with "#$%^! it's hot!" instead of his usual bursts of Led Zeppelin songs :-O
These were my first two of the day…two teachers (on the right) got drawn before I found out I wasn't supposed to draw teachers--- they look young!!
As I finished up, my colleagues were on on their last drawings. so I snapped a few pics:
Jared Phillips and Adelle Marcero, with John Sprague just visible, facing the other way for some reason. ;-)
Thanks, EBHS!

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  1. Looks like a fun time, despite the heat! It's only June, we've got plenty more heat in store, yaaaaaaaaay.....