Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Engagement party caricatures!

These two are going to be married!
A dear friend of the bride's mom was the mastermind not only this for this digital caricature I did, showing the couple and their new home, (in quintessential American Gothic fashion) but also an elegant backyard party, (held in another friend's home) so the families could get to know each other. The groom's family came all the way from Manitoba! ( Yes, that's why he's holding a hockey stick :)
I was pleasantly surprised to see the caricature adorning the cover for DVDs, containing lots of wedding-type music (including a personal favorite of mine ;-)
The guests arrived and I started drawing! I used an orange background to match the lovely orange-yellow roses that were on the tables.
Afterwards, my wonderful client (last photo) made sure I had enough food to take home to share with my Other Half. Thank you so much, Melissa!! The whole evening was a pleasure. 

The only thing I forgot to do was get a photo of the future bride and groom with their digital caricature. 
Congratulations, Katie and Mike!!

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