Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tween birthday party!

A twelfth birthday party for fraternal twins, during a summer twilight, was attended by their fellow tween-girl guests!
Above photos, courtesy of the party-giving mom. :-) Thanks, Margie!

Since it was a small group, I had time to do deluxe full-color, full-body-with-hobby caricatures. Soccer was an oft-repeated request, but I also had two more unusual ones:
A mud-race on the left, and to the right: enjoying a strawberry-iced doughnut with rainbow sprinkles! When I was a kid, we called those "jimmies." Well. they were fun to draw!
After drawing the young ladies, the good-natured big brother got his done, with his sport (not soccer!).I learned that you can refer to rowing as "crew" but not "crewing." :-)
Then the mom, with HER favorite things!
Here's a view of most of them after I'd finished ( there's one missing, I think)
Thanks for having me, M & M! 

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  1. Awesome Emily! Thanks again for creating special 12th birthday party memories for our girls and all their friends! You rock!:-)