Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bat Mitzvah caricatures!

A family gathered in a quaint, historic restaurant to celebrate this pretty young lady's Bat Mitzvah… and the party favors were my caricatures. :-)
I drew all the rest of the young ladies...
...and the ONE young man in attendance.
He had it on his Instagram page before the party even ended! 
I'm glad I added "#caricature" to my easel signage.
 I drew a few of the grown-ups, too.
The room looked over some very pretty grounds:
The live band, DNR, featured a lady singer with a warm, lush voice. I liked it so much I had to record a few bars (of course, it's a Beatles song :-) Since I couldn't film AND draw, the video is blank but I did get a photo between sitters...
Thank you to Heather and her family for having me! :-)

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