Thursday, May 29, 2008

2nd ballgame in O's-Yankees series

On Tuesday evening, I stepped up to the plate (figuratively speaking, of course!) for a ballgame AND a post-prom immediately following. Here are some pics from the game:
These young ladies were part of a choir visiting from Oregon, taking in an Orioles game after having visited Washington DC that day. They went off and showed their caricature to their friends, which later resulted in more choir-boy and choir-girl drawings for the artists...:-)
(Their t-shirts say "I love choir boys"!)
This little girl told me Derek Jeter was her favorite player, so I drew the ball as a home run coming from his bat right to her!
Another feminine Yankees fan...
Here's a late-night photo of more choir members with their caricature.
After this, I went off for the second event of the night...

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