Saturday, May 10, 2008

May NCN sketch contest entry...

This month's victim is Marilyn Manson. Quite a different face than last month's Matt Damon! Judge Jan Opdebeeck's usual rule applied: no digital media. So I drew one version in pencil and another in marler.
BTW, the last several contests have been won by my friend Paul Moyse. Find his blog in my links list...he is a rising star in the caricature world.


  1. Lol! Thanks for the mention Emily, you make me blush. I'm not entering this month btw, I have two Op De Beeck sketches, to try for more would be greedy.

    I like your marker sketch better, but Jan was right about the background, needs to be separated from the foreground figure. Good luck in the comp!

  2. haha Marlo, maybe you have a Marilyn Manson nose!!
    Paul, no need to blush, your work is incredible and it's all due to perseverance and passion.
    I hope I get time to mess with the background on the marker one, so far this month has been very gig-and-comission busy...:-)