Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Last minute gig with more NURSES!

This morning, very very early, I drew as a replacement caricaturist for a colleague who could not make it to a breakfast gig celebrating Nurses' Week! It's funny, ever since drawing my own daughter as a newly-graduated nurse, I've drawn more nurses...:-)
So last night, I got the call asking if I could be at a hospital in Philadelphia by 5:45 am. I happened to be at my fiance's house, which is much closer to the city than my own...but I had no easel, paper, pens, or bags! With the cost of gas what it is these days, going home to get them would have been a drag, but luck was with me. It was a two-artist job; the other artist brought the supplies, and I just brought myself.
The gig gave me a challenge from my usual routine-- but it was kind of fun to see what I could do differently. I worked at a table on a clipboard, used a Markette marker (not my beloved Copic marker) and had to use my cell-phone camera since even my digital camera was forgotten at home.
Of course, none of this mattered to the caricaturees--they had a ball even at that time of the morning!
Moral of story: From now on,there will be an "emergency gig package" in my car.


  1. hey ! i've been admiring your stuff for a while, i love the simplicity and accuracy in your sketch.

  2. Thanks, Bert! Guess you can tell I love likenesses!