Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm still in Texas!

We are now well past the halfway point of the State Fair of Texas, with the excitement mounting for the final week or so looming over us.
Celestia, myself, Paul (the non-slacker) and Vlad.
I am getting more confident of my airbrushing skills, although I did have the mother of all clogs yesterday (that's what I get for tempting fate by mentioning clogs in my last blog post). It required the borrowing of Celestia's spare airbrush for a bit, ( thanks!!!!) then a new side-feed cup (miraculously produced by Paul and his toolbox)( again, thanks!!!!). And once mine was again firing on all cylinders, Celestia's starting acting up!!
However, the benefits of the lush saturated color and effects you get with this medium are worth the hassles.
These two lady Texans asked for a Sea-doo, a flag, and Crocs!
This Yankee gentleman loves his lady enough to wear HER team's jersey, even though he's a Philadelphia Eagles fan (so I included their logo just for him! )


  1. I am so jealous that Wendy and I are not there with you! '..sigh..'

  2. Thanks Marlooooo!
    Steve, you and Wendy will be missed at the con!!