Monday, November 10, 2008

Some favorite caricatures from the convention...

These are clickable to be viewed at a larger size...

This is where I created the pieces that went on....

My wall!!!

I was very impressed with these...

My good friend Rick was cruelly ( but hilariously) caricatured by Mikey Shields
(2nd place most humorous, btw)

Jert's wall ( Most Humorous!!) LOL

These are watercolor!!! ( by a Japanese artist...there is usually a large contingent from Japan at every convention.)

Another amazing Japanese artist did these!

Jeff by Zitman.

The BW work of a talented Japanese caricaturist whose name I am not sure of, and Johanna's 2D work.

The hilariously freaky work of Pat Harrington!

Emi Sato ( left) Glenn Ferguson ( Silver Nosey winner, right)

The work of Paul Moyse. Bravo!

Adam Pate's wall. That one of Tad Barney had me in stitches!

Colin Harris' wall. The bottom piece is a woodcut/print!

Jason Seiler's wall ( he won the Golden Nosey award!)

A Sculpey Emi Sato by Johanna Veerhenhuis!

The amazing Marlo Meekins' wall.

Lorin Bernson's wall. LOL.

Paul McCall's and Shinichi Miyachi's walls. Diverse talent everywhere!

Tel's wall

Nial O'Loughlin's wall. Humor and great likeness!

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