Sunday, July 25, 2010

From broiling sun to booming storms...

I've caricatured in both..and that's just today!

My trusty easel umbrella (and SPF 30 sunscreen!) kept me from roasting. The O's game time temperature was 96 degrees Fahrenheit.
Maybe I should have set up in HERE!

I didn't go for super-realism and draw this little boy's rivulets of sweat running down his red face...

By the 8th inning, the temperature had dropped twenty degrees and the skies literally opened the floodgates in a matter of moments. I ended up under this two-foot-wide overhang for a little while before giving up.



  1. You should come to Ireland, it rains like that every day!! have to run, rain is flooding my office, must re-enforce sand bags!!

  2. The kid with the orange cap is a great one!