Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday at the Fair

My fiance John came along to this fair for the first time-- he's usually been away working this time of year. Hence, I have some good photos from a different vantage point than my own:

Below is a shot of the watching audience, which I am usually only subconsciously aware of while drawing...

Here are two little brothers whose names I was very careful to spell correctly!! Especially as I had to hear their dad spell them over the roar of the "Ring of Fire" ride which is to my left.

Below: "Not-on-model" versions of Barney and Elmo... :-)

These two ladies were on a return visit to my booth for an updated caricature...

My friend and colleague Gary "Toonboy" Smith is drawing with me this year, which is a good thing! Crowds have been huge the first three nights; whether that is because many of the rides and attractions are new, or everyone is doing "staycations," I don't know.

I am next to my favorite fair-next-door-neighbors, the Sausage family...(not their actual name :-)

And finally some late-night fair-goers...

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