Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wonderful wedding reception...

On Friday night, I had a blast at a very unique wedding reception. I knew the bride and groom were a fun-lovin' couple when all their guests were given kazoos at the beginning of the otherwise elegant reception at a country club :-)
(Not to mention caricatures as a wedding favor, too!)
Here are the lovely bride and groom:

My evening started with something cart valet service from the parking lot! There's my easel and stuff up there with the driver:

The bride and groom (who'd started out as high school sweethearts) were done in color, as is my usual custom:

Here are some of the younger guests: ( but then I got to draw a 99-year-old, later on!)

And here is an assortment of couples:

Once again, as I did at an earlier gig, I took photos of all the drawings. This time, it was so the bridal couple could have them for their wedding scrapbook. They'd even set a camera on a side table with a sign, specifically for that purpose, but I knew they only way they'd get everyone, or even a majority, would be if I took them before letting the sitters out of my chairs! :-0
The final count ended up being 58 people in 4 1/2 hours, which worked out to about 4.5 minutes per person. My location was just outside the ballroom, so I could chat easily with the guests, who came out in small groups for their caricature.
I had so much fun drawing at this reception that many of the guests were remarking that they could tell how much I enjoyed it! :-)

Thank you so much, Kathleen and Colin! I know you'll always smile when you think of your wedding memories!

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