Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pool party...

The sweltering heat continued unabated on Saturday as I drew at a community pool party that I've done twice before, but for the kids. This time it was for the grown-ups. When I arrived, the DJ showed me the newsletter the members had received:

Awwww! How nice! (And add the writer the the huge ranks of those who can't spell 'caricaturist' ;-)
So I got right to business drawing those who could drag themselves out of the pool on such a hot day:

The lifeguards wanted a group caricature WITH shades and's hanging in a place of honor in their office already!
My little drawing ability was only one of an assortment of talents that the club hosted for the evening. There was also a stilt-walker and a fire-eater ( well, actually he was the same person) and a young lady who was a contortionist/gymnast. I never know what I will get to see at any given gig! Enjoy the pics and video (all taken without budging off my caricature chair!)
(Below) as the gymnast was warming up, the off-duty lifeguards planted themselves right in front of her and became instant fans!

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