Saturday, July 10, 2010

Progress on my grandson's nursery painting...

After setting this project aside for awhile, (the baby isn't even using his crib yet) I was inspired to get more done on it this week:

Mainly, I worked on the upper third of the canvas, using both brushes and my airbrush. I had gotten stuck on what to do for the sky and distance up to it, but I think I know where I'm heading now. The mountains at the moment are too central, I'll probably add more on either side. Next I will add more animals...gotta get it done before the nursery is occupied!
Here's a link to the previous stages.


  1. This looks FRickin AAAWWEESSSOOMMEE Em!
    THIS is one of your best pieces EVER!
    You should shop this around to kids book publishers-you have a real strength for that kinda work!
    BTW Whatever came of the kid's book you did?

  2. Thanks, Pat! I am back to enjoying this painting after getting in a rut with it. I think incorporating airbrush helped, but I don't want to lose the brush-stroky quality either. There's alot more I want to add so that it's CRAMMED with critters, insects, birds, etc.
    I'm actually working on another children's book for someone now...and it took a long time for the first one to get done and out..Guess I should do a blog post on it, huh?

  3. Good work Emily !!!
    The apes and giraffe are very funny...Your talent on canvas is fantastic too...

  4. Thanks!!! The next animal I am painting in will be a lemur!