Friday, July 2, 2010

Digital WIP-Jack Black

Just got back from little beach vacation with my family--(had to introduce the baby grandson to the Atlantic Ocean!) it's time to get back to drawing.

This week's Caricaturama 3000 victim--I mean subject---is Jack Black, of Tenacious D-School of Rock-Shallow Hal fame. What a face!!!

This started out as a pencil sketch which I scanned and brought into Photoshop to finish. However, I'm not sure yet what degree of finish I want to give it...

BTW: My tenuous 6th-degree-of-separation to Jack Black is that two of my friends, Marlo Meekins and Nick Cross, did the fantastic backgrounds for John Kricfalusi's animation of Tenacious D's 2006 music video "Classico"... and now the aforementioned two friends are married and coming up on their first anniversary already!!!

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