Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Opening night of the fair...with FAIR weather, even!

The heat wave broke!!! Drawing last night was a breeze, literally!

I'm in my same spot once again.

The bottom two of these are leftover hand-customized mats from when Marlo was my sidekick at this fair...I just reworked the number to be this year's. (She has since married a charming prince and moved to the exotic foreign shores of Ontario. I miss her!)

First caricaturees of the fair!

"Make us look goofy."

I told this guy he reminded me of Radar O'Reilly. Google it if you don't know who that is... he did while I was drawing him!

This guy's mom pronounced it "brilliant" ! ( she was British :-)

"Can you make me lassoing a cow?"

Yes, this girl actually held that expression for me!

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