Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday at the Fair

My night started off with a pen fiasco!

Usually, I am very careful and meticulous about refilling my Copic Sketch markers. Unfortunately, I overfilled one and when I uncapped it, it oozed out on my hand...but not my clothes, not my easel, and not my ring. So, I'm happy about that part! I got most of it off by scrubbing later, but my index fingernail is gonna look pretty goth for awhile.

It seemed to be kids-in-pairs night...

Little Bro here was camera-shy.

Gary was kept busy drawing baseball themes, which he does so well.

I wandered over to the Drown-the-Clown booth where said clown was insulting everyone and making big bucks doing so. There used to be one called "Rage in a Cage" that in previous years was right down from my booth-- and he'd attract huge crowds. I'd be drawing someone and we'd both be laughing over what that clown was saying. This year's clown seems to be a protege of his...

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  1. 'Goth Emily' - there's a good idea for a caricature for the Con....hmmmm...