Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy First Birthday to My Blog!

My blog is one year old today!
My main goals when I began were to market my caricature art, and to motivate myself to draw more, so I would have something worth showing...
I am very happy to say it has achieved both of those aims, and more. I have made friends, found I enjoy the writing as much as the visual aspects of each post, and expanded my horizons in ways I hadn't expected. I want to sincerely thank all those who read and enjoy my daily caricaturist musings!

In honor of beginnings, here is a cropped piece from one of my earliest drawings of a real person. You might say it was foreshadowing what I ended up doing for a career!
I drew this in 7th grade, of a singer I really liked, but could never render his mouth correctly. I erased and erased and erased til the paper was nearly worn through. I'll have to draw him as he is now, now that I can sketch his mouth with ease!
Any guesses on who it is?
I'll post the whole drawing tomorrow. By the way, I was a baby when this group was popular, so I was a little late (and strange) in my choice of teenage crushes....all my friends liked Shaun Cassidy!


  1. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah ! my favourite band ! I was 8 when they splitted, so I'm pretty much over it by now.

    Congratzz on the blogyversary !

  2. Thanks Hans!!! You are correct. and you kept it from being "no reply" :-)