Saturday, April 12, 2008

Prepping my paper...

My marketing push of the past few months is starting to pay off in that I am getting more work, which means I need to be very prepared with the supplies necessary for caricature gigs. The paper I prefer is easily available in office supply stores; it's an 11" x 17" 67 lb. cover stock. The fact that it's "legal size" means I have to cut it down to 11" x 14" with my ancient, but trusty, paper cutter. After cutting, it gets stamped twice--once with an ornamental monogram stamp (which I press onto several different color stamp pads to get an arty effect) and once with a "make it say what you want" pre-inked stamp. That stamp has come in handy many times, in that I can tailor it to the event, and whether it's my own or an agent's contact information.
And you thought all a caricaturist did was show up and draw?! :-)