Monday, August 25, 2008

Wedding rehearsal dinner

On Friday night, I was honored to draw the guests at a wedding rehearsal dinner, for a couple who'd met at their friend's wedding--- and had caught the bouquet and garter! The digital caricature sign-in board that I provided, was done from a photo taken of them at that wedding...
The dinner was held at a historic old manor house that I would have loved to properly photograph, but I'd left my camera's memory card in my computer. So I had to make do with my camera phone...which I'm not very good at using! Hence these tiny photos....I was drawing on the verandah for cocktail hour before moving to the dining room. Many of the guests on the groom's side were from Alabama and other southern states, and were so appreciative of the lovely weather we've been having here in my neck of the woods! They were also appreciative enough of my caricatures to keep me on longer...I enjoyed the evening as much as they did!
Congratulations Jeff and Susan!

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