Friday, September 5, 2008

Trying my hand at political cartooning---the Republican ticket

These were drawn in a somewhat new method for me...I did rough sketches directly from the TV screen (no photo references!) as John McCain and Sarah Palin gave their speeches at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota this week. Then I inked and colored with markers, scanned into Photoshop and added more color and the background. Thanks to cartoonist Pete Emslie for suggesting this way on the NCN forum.


  1. nice....
    you're great....
    i'd love your art of sketch mom...
    we had a same vision about art it's a sketch...
    if u have a time visit my blog link in
    i've sketch theres....

  2. NICE Palin, Em!
    I think Mc Cain's good but needs some jawbreakers in his left cheek though.

    I like your puns too!
    Bullwinkle ROCKS!

  3. Emily--
    This is a great political image. You did a neat job. It's a beautiful cartoon.

  4. yeah, there's a lot of life in these drawing. i think i should try drawing celebs from tv and movies. its a good idea.