Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pleasant surprises on my website's guestbook

My website (done for me by the brilliantly talented Sam Gorrie) is due for some updating, so I was giving it the once-over yesterday. There is a guestbook on the "About Me" page that I've neglected for quite some time... What a surprise to see some nice feedback on some of the gigs I have done!

One particular post included a link to a blog. Back in April, I did a 1st birthday party at the Please Touch Museum for an adorable little girl. Her mom posted about the party on her blog, and included some photos of me and my work!
Here is one of my photos from that day:
Thanks to all who took the time to write something. One of the things about my occupation that really makes me happy is knowing that my art is treasured by those who own it, and that I have made them happy!. :-)

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