Monday, June 25, 2012

College Grad party

Sunday's festivities honored a recent college grad....the first thing I did on arrival was to letter her lawn sign :-)
Here is the lovely grad herself, she's still getting used to cute short hair-- after having a long flowing mane cut off. I didn't recognize her at first because her sign-in grad photo still showed looooonnnng hair. My caricature captured her new look:
Deja vu also sneaked into my mind immediately: in addition to having drawn in the same gazebo a few weeks ago for another party,
...they were also serving the same delicacy as Saturday's party!!
This one had stuffing in it and was so tasty. The caterer, Aquilante's, and I exchanged business  cards...his food was definitely worth raving over.
I drew lots of family and friends. Here's a sampling:
 The proud parents...
 Every family needs an Uncle Bob!
 The hot grandmom! I made sure to draw the glittering lizard brooch on her bosom.

Below: the grad and her BF. I love height discrepancies!
Someone brought me a delightful dessert---frozen orange pieces with sorbet on top. Mmmmm.
Her cake was pretty awesome too!
Caught a little snippet on video!
Thank you Gina and family!!!!!!

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