Sunday, June 10, 2012

Employee appreciation

On Friday afternoon, I went back to the same senior residence from Monday to draw more happy employees. This time, I was able to do a caricature for the lady who first booked me back in April for their Springtime in Paris event. She's the Activities Coordinator, so guess what I included in her drawing?? Everything!
The weather was nicer, so we sat outside this time. They came up with more good themes:
Another sexy nurse...
She's known for her laugh!
She's a scientist, so I drew her with a beaker and a dead rabbit...
Two best friends...
 Martinis are always popular!
This gal said she was always begging her co-workers to switch shifts with calling and first asking, "Hey? How are you??" LOL
During a lull while I was waiting for employees to come out, I drew this resident with his sweet Sheltie. It turned out I had drawn him at the Paris party earlier in the year with a friend who had since moved out and taken the drawing with her! So I was happy to do another for him to keep. :-)
Thanks for having me back!! 

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