Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pig Roast Caricaturing (burp)

Yesterday, I worked with colleague Patrick Harrington at a big backyard pig roast...
Two about-to-draw caricaturists before the festivities began, with the deceased guest of honor:
We started out in a beautiful air-conditioned sunroom that had clouds painted on the ceilings:

The fruits of our pens:
 This couple had been to Bangkok so we compared notes on our travels!

Below: Pat doing his thing!
We had a steady supply of faces, but not much of an audience while we were inside, so we moved out into a shady part of the yard:
 Here's a mother with her four youngsters! ;-)
 Their kids scampered off to the pool, leaving Mom and Dad to collect their caricature.
 Below: They were all making jokes about 'who was the baby daddy', so of course I had to include
 that in-joke!
They even had a piggy piñata!
Pat had to evacuate the piñata-smacking area!
Some more views of a happy bunch of people:

 Pat and I had some of the fantastic pork and other picnic food---scrumptious!
The giant beach balls were hilarious as people gently bounced them on unsuspecting party-goers. 
My wonderful client, whom I've drawn for several times before, had invited me beforehand to bring a guest and my bathing suit. Couldn't bring the former as he's out of town, but I did bring the latter! Thank you Joelle!!!
Here are some reactions to enjoy:

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