Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Face-off results in: Wedding!

On Friday night,  I drew at another wedding reception; this one was special because I was able to witness the ceremony, and because it proves love conquers all:
A fanatical Philadelphia Flyers fan fell in love with and married a dedicated Pittsburgh Penguins fan....here, they are about to go in the ballroom and greet their guests as Mr. and Mrs!
Are they adorable or what???
Oh yeah, did I have fun drawing  caricatures!!! A three hour gig was extended to five (the entire reception :)

 He had a five-head...
 Parents of the bride!
 She liked how I depicted her bosoms ;-) 

  A nose piercing and cleavage always make for a successful caricature!
 It was their first anniversary, which was fitting since a caricature is drawn on PAPER!
 I remember I drew this one while " I Saw Her Standing There" was playing, and we discovered we were all Beatles fans...
 (I'd drawn their baby earlier)

I took some pics on my phone of the bride and her dad before her big moment:
The bride and the groom were so in-demand that they did not get a chance to be caricatured, so I am going to do one from a photo for them. 
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs A, thanks for having me, and also for your comments on my Caricatures by Emily Facebook page. Best wishes to you both!! And no cross-checking!
(and my Other Half came up with the title for this post :-)


  1. You did such a great job and we had so much fun having ours done. A big hit.
    Ambers Aunt Judie

  2. Emily you did an EXCELLENT job at Andrew and Amber's wedding. The caricatures were amazing and so much fun. All the guests just loved having you at the wedding and we would highly recommend you to anyone thinking of hiring you for a wedding. I want to thank you for staying the extra 2 hours and it was a real pleasure meeting you.
    Zee Andrijiwskyj (Groom's Mother)