Saturday, June 9, 2012

End-of-school-year party

On Wednesday, I helped some sixth-graders and assorted family members celebrate a momentous occasion in a family backyard: "SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!"
Once again, the weather cooperated and I drew next to a pool swarming with kids, and didn't get splashed! See my easel in the gazebo?
And just like the day before, first up was the teacher. She told me to include a "hard multiplication problem and a hard division problem." To me, they're all hard!!
Here are some of the happy kids:
I had a great time at this party, and to top it all off the client booked me for another event coming up! AND she sent me home with edible goodies! Thank you!!!!
Before I left, I got a photo of the dining room table ( the keep-the-caricature-safe spot :-)

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