Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A teal-tinted wedding reception

Sunday afternoon found me in a country club ballroom, helping to celebrate a blue-hued wedding:
There's the bride and groom about to have their first dance as a married couple...during which I started to draw the kids:

Then the grown-ups got in line!
 Uncle Charley was a crowd favorite. :-)
 I told him he didn't look old enough to have grown such a loooong beard...
 Five co-workers in one drawing; as I drew each one, the others were dancing behind my chairs
Below: some smiling couples!

The daughter and son-in-law of the bride had me include their pooches (from photos, they didn't attend the festivities ;-)
Last but not least, the lovely bride and her handsome groom:
Since they were in such demand at the end of the reception, I sat at a table by the door and drew them as they held court and said goodbye to all the departing guests. Worked out well!
Thank you for having me and thank you to Gigmasters!
Now I have a break between gigs (whew! did nine events in the last ten days!) and it's time to do some commissions at home. :-)

UPDATE: The bride's daughter  left me some wonderful feedback on Gigmasters. This is what helps  future clients feel good about booking me! Thank you Erin!
Our experience with Emily was absolutely awesome. We hired her for my mother's wedding reception and she literally did not stop for 4 straight hours. The moment she set up there was a line and I saw guest after guest walking away with smiles on their faces and showing off their caricatures. So many people told me how great they thought the idea of having a caricaturist at a wedding was, and I can't think of a better one to have at any future events than Emily. She did a terrific job, she's a phenomenal artist, and is such a kind person as well. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Emily and I am so pleased to have found her through gigmasters. -- Erin M, 6/10/2012


  1. Thanks Emily, You are Terrific!!!! What a great gift that Erin and Karl gave us for our wedding. All of our guests raved about your caricatures:) Your hand definitely needs a rest after drawing non stop for over 4 hours.
    Shannon & Bill Hordis

  2. Thank you Shannon and Bill, it was totally my pleasure. I am always thrilled to know that guests will remember your reception when they look at their caricature. :-)