Friday, June 8, 2012

Senior send-off

The cloudy skies threatened on Tuesday, but didn't deliver any rain--on an afternoon dedicated to seniors having their last bit of fun as a class...
Alongside a whole bunch (see my video below) of bouncy blow-up amusements, this tent was full of caricaturists---eleven if I counted correctly. Everybody in this photo must be waiting for a caricature, because you sure can't see the artists! ( I took this on the way back from my one necessary break! ;-)
That's my easel and line patiently waiting for me on the right side of the photo. Below: a closer view:
Here's some of my output:
First up were three teachers.
Below: all students.

To my right were my frequent cohorts, Messrs. Harrington and Sprague:
Pat drew a pair of girls I'd just done, and he included a wifty version of my drawing in his caricature!!
Whatta contrast-- mild next to wild! :-)
Here's the lay of the land, and a caricature reaction during one of my favorite concertos. :-)

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