Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A quick jaunt to NYC

Yesterday, I accompanied my Other Half on his work trip to NYC and we met up with some friends at a caricature-adorned bar/lounge:
This is Faces and Names, which is in mid-town Manhattan, and the work of Dan Springer graces its walls. That's Dan, and another talented illustrator, Ed Steckley, to the right. I had seen images of the Christopher Walken painting online, but seeing it for real is amazing. And I had no idea that it is practically 3D--the nose and brows jut out menacingly, courtesy of acrylic gel medium. I couldn't get a good photo of that (I tried) so a viewer has to see it in person to experience it fully. 
This Bowie was hanging in the back dining area...just wow. What a great, fun likeness of the
 Thin White Duke...
After lunch we headed to the home of the Society of Illustrators:
There was a gallery show going on, which had two rooms full of jarringly different work by Stanley Meltzoff. Upstairs the walls were full of underwater scenes of marine life, and downstairs held his illustration work. At first I thought it was two different artists! I did enjoy his genre scenes from a mid-century baseball game---fans haven't changed very much. :-)
What really held my interest was some of the other work we saw. There was a Rockwell over the bar, which was donated by Rockwell himself ( a past president of the Society). 
There was a very cool caricature painting of dead musicians by CF Payne... must been before Amy Winehouse joined them...

I've only been to NYC a handful of times in my life...but this time we had a great view from our room!

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