Saturday, April 23, 2011

5th birthday party for two cousins

Peanut butter jelly time!!!! Peanut butter jelly time!!!!
I still have it going through my head from this afternoon, drawing at a Rock-Star themed birthday bash for two five-year old girls.  :-D
It was definitely speed mode today, at one point I drew three kids in less than ten minutes. (They were the last three, that's how I know!)
Here's a couple of pics from before my line grew: (and I didn't get pics of the birthday girls, but theirs were full-body in color--and their outfits were adorable...)
 This young man liked his so much he gave me a hug! :-)

Aaaaagh! I forgot to sign and date this little guy's drawing! 
Lots of the little girls had adorable outfits, come to think of it...
Thank you for having me!

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