Tuesday, April 5, 2011

O's Opening Day 2011

Major-league baseball in Baltimore had the most picture-perfect day yesterday for an opener. Hopes are running high for this season's team as there's a new manager in town. The first home game was a sell-out, and they have won four games in a row already.
But enough about baseball...look at THIS  FACE!!
Adding beer to the equation makes for either super-fun caricature experiences or disgusting ones. I had both yesterday: this guy was the super-fun, friendly one.  He and his buddy were delightfully buzzed before the game and having a great time:
The disgusting experience (no picture though) was with a not-so-delightful intoxicated guy and his friend--he wanted to dictate to me exactly how the friend was to be drawn as a wrestler, and how skimpy his wrestling attire should be. I declined to draw them and they went on to my long-suffering colleague next door, who did--enduring both their drunken banter AND the spilling of almost an entire beer on the caricature stand. Afterwards, we found out that my above-mentioned nice subject and his less-than-fun ones both gave us sizable tips---but he had to work alot harder for his!
Of course, there's more to baseball fandom than alcohol, here's proof of that:
Below, I drew a scenario that was a new one to me. 
"Can you make my son batting, and me yelling at him? I'm a Little League coach." 
There were plenty of uber-fan outfits floating around yesterday, but the only photo I caught was this one:
Nice to see a full stadium!
Enjoy a couple of video snippets from my afternoon:

Finally, here is a link to Rick's blog, for another caricaturist's perspective from Camden Yards!

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