Friday, April 1, 2011

Everybody needs a Victorian angel portrait...

I've decided I'm a little bored with caricature---and I'm thinking about specializing in customized Victorian angels from now on. Whaddaya think?
This is a Prismacolor-pencil-on-gray-Canson-paper piece, she's about six inches tall, and I drew her way back in 1995 (before I had any inkling how much the art of caricature would dominate my life later on). The gilded frame and delicate lace were digitally added just now, in a flash of heavenly inspiration...

APRIL FOOL'S! Now who wants a caricature??


  1. Too bad :( Who have a real talent at drawing pregnant Victoria's secret angels, playing Justin Bieber covers on violin.

  2. Haha Gabe, ya wanna order one?? ;-)

  3. lol!!!!!!!