Thursday, April 7, 2011

WIP for this week's Caricaturama

My friend Court Jones won last week's CS3K with his Daniel Day Lewis, so he got to choose this week's subject, Norman Rockwell, whom I've long admired. I've spent about two hours so far sketching and painting this WIP:
I hope I'll have to time to finish it, busy gig weekend on the horizon! 
Last fall, in Washington DC, I visited a large exhibition of Rockwell paintings and sketches owned by Mssrs. Lucas and Spielberg. Seeing them up close was amazing. They are on a grand scale, but still feel cozy and intimate; his vision of Americana is still cherished by many. I certainly can see the appeal of that, but for me the attraction is that he was a figurative painter. Some of his faces border on caricature, of a very gentle sort, which is where (IMHO) my work leans on the scale of exaggeration.

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  1. He's my hero too. He made a great contribution to the Boy Scout of America Council, with many paintings portraying the movement across America and abroad. In my opinion, he inspired a generation.