Sunday, April 3, 2011

Drawing caricatures with gloves on...

...was how I spent my day yesterday, the building was rather chilly:
A parade of elegant young figure skaters sat for me!
My colleague Rick, whom I was representing, had provided some pre-printed skater paper. So these two girls are body-by-Rick, head-by-Emily creations. 
Of course, I customized their dresses. That was fun!
Eventually, I ran out of Rick's paper and (gasp) had to draw the bodies myself!
Not everybody was a figure skater:
And not everybody was even a kid!
Some of the skaters' cheering sections had a go at a being caricatured--above is someone's
 sweet, bus-driver grandmother. 
Below's drawing pulled the biggest guffaws of the day. 
Wonder what his skater daughter thought when she saw this!
It was also funny to me because this guy's pals all said "You need a caricature," as they walked by, which usually does NOT result in said guy's sitting for one. This time it did!
 I finally saw some skating towards the end:

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